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Thank you, Be A Heart, for gifting us with your beautiful All Saints’ Day Party supplies!

Today we celebrated All Saints’ Day (a little early)! The communion of saints is one of my favorite realities that the Catholic Church teaches. I have called upon the intercession of the Saints and have felt their presence often in my life. It was so nice to honor them today!

Be A Heart designed beautiful All Saints’ Day Party supplies! Erica created plates, cups, napkins, and stickers with some of our favorite Saints, like Saint Teresa of Calcutta and Saint Padre Pio. It made our table setting so special today!

I wanted to honor our favorite Saints and at the same time make it fun for Peter and his friends. At the head of the table I placed images and statues of Saints that we have in our home. I created the food Saint signs on the WordSwag App, printed them out, and used cardboard (the box that Erica sent the supplies in!) to stand them up!

Here is the Saint-themed food I served:

  • Saint Padre Pio Stigmata Cookies: HERE is the sugar cookie recipe I used. It’s my favorite and I’ve been using it since high school! I added red food coloring to white frosting for the centers.
  • Saint Cecilia’s Piano: I used 1 1/2 vanilla wafer cookies for the white keys and KitKats for the black keys!
  • Saint Francis’ Tonsure: Chocolate covered donuts (I used Hostess Donettes).
  • Saint Nicholas’ Oranges: I filled a bowl of clementines for Peter and his friends and had champagne and orange juice for mimosas for the moms!
  • Saint Lucy’s Eyes: A bowl of blueberries.
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Caramel: My friend Jess brought some delicious caramels from Trader Joe’s!

Are you celebrating All Saints’ Day this year? What Saints do you plan to honor? Baby Francis stole the show today by dressing up as both Saint Francis and as Saint Juan Diego! Both outfits were created by my talented friend Jess!

We hope your All Saints’ Day is blessed!

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