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Join my husband Mike and me as we share the mercy, beauty, and joy we have discovered in a life centered around Christ.

Together, we delve into our favorite topics, engaging in insightful discussions that inspire and uplift. Explore with us the profound depths of faith and uncover the treasures of a life lived in union with Christ.

Exploring the path of virtue as we seek to live our life for Christ

Conversations between a husband & wife

“Love the wisdom and gentleness in which Claire and Mike share the faith. They have inspired, challenged, and encouraged me through their Instagram and Blog and this podcast is already doing the same.”

“Great podcast. Mike and Claire are prayerful people as there is much wisdom in what they share. Your marriage is a blessing to the world!”

“They seem like such a light of what emotional stability should look like as adults and I appreciate that so much. Sound advice rooted in our Lord!”

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