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I am a wife and mother that is passionate about sharing content that helps us each live a beautiful and virtuous life. As an etiquette instructor, I love to seek out the beautiful things that surround us. You can often find me making a meal with my husband, building LEGOs with my son, and reading a good book - all in a beautiful dress! Thank you for being a part of this community, I am so happy you are here!

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Insights on Literature, etiquette, and Beauty from a Catholic wife and mom

Peter turns eight months next week! Reading books is one of our favorite activities to do together. We have been reading to Peter since we first brought him home from the hospital, and it has been amazing to see his love for books evolve throughout the past eight months. He is incredibly interactive when we read to him, and he definitely has his favorite books! It is a delight to read with him – to see him grab at pictures, and even laugh in pure joy when we say the first few lines of his favorite book!

I try to maintain a rhythm in our schedule based upon each season – with cooking, with activities, with cleaning, and even with books! I have always seen Winter as a season of peaceful healing, quiet coziness, and a special time to prepare our minds, bodies, and souls for the newness and beauty of Spring! I truly appreciate the simple comfort that Winter offers – it is a time to stay grounded and maintain a sturdy routine.

The books I chose for Peter’s Winter Library are filled with cozy Winter scenes and warmth. I also made sure to include a book filled with sunshine and the hope of Spring – something to look forward to when the Winter days get long. When purchasing books for Peter we have been choosing board books. We love the durability and strength that board books offer – he can be as interactive as he wants as we are reading to him!

Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day: A week before Christmas I was on the phone with my mother talking about children’s books. She mentioned this book – a favorite in our home growing up – and could not believe that we didn’t own it yet! This was one of Peter’s Christmas gifts. It is a special book to us, not only because I grew up reading it to my siblings, but also because Peter’s middle name is Karol (pronounced KAH-roll), the Polish form of Carl. The baby in the book even looks a bit like Peter!

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats: My favorite part about this book is the simplicity of a child’s Winter adventures. It brings Mike and me back to the joy that a snowy day brought when we were little. Peter loves the bright, clear illustrations.

Animal Babies On The Mountain! by Julia Groves: This book is part of Peter’s favorite series, Animal Babies. He laughs every time he sees the cover of this book! Mike and I have learned some animal terminology from reading these books to Peter. On the left side is the adult name of an animal, and on the right side is the name of its babies. The illustrations are warm, rich, and beautiful. Peter’s favorite!

“More More More,” Said The Baby by Vera B. Williams: Three small stories about the most adorable babies, Little Guy, Little Pumpkin, and Little Bird. We bought this as a Christmas gift for Peter and have been reading it to him consistently. The font is colorful, as are the illustrations. We love playing along with the story – this book is filled with kisses, hugs, and cuddles!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle: A little taste of Spring! During our last visit to my family, Mike read this book to my nephew so many times! Each time I read it to Peter I think of my nephews, the beauty of Springtime, and the hope for warmer days! I cannot wait to experience Peter’s first Spring with him!

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