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I am a wife and mother that is passionate about sharing content that helps us each live a beautiful and virtuous life. As an etiquette instructor, I love to seek out the beautiful things that surround us. You can often find me making a meal with my husband, building LEGOs with my son, and reading a good book - all in a beautiful dress! Thank you for being a part of this community, I am so happy you are here!

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Insights on Literature, etiquette, and Beauty from a Catholic wife and mom

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
-Emilie Buchwald

Each night growing up, my father would read to my sister and me. I clearly remember him reading us the Chronicles of Narnia series. The animated way he read those books made my sister and I truly believe we were right beside Aslan, Lucy and Mister Tumnus. I am grateful that my father gave us this gift growing up. Now that I am a parent, I realize what a sacrifice this was for him. He must have been tired after a long workday, evening routine, and chores. He had every right and reason to take time for himself. Yet he knew the vital importance of reading to his six children. Each of his children now love to read, and I know this is due to his love for us, and his love for books.

Our desire is to instill in Peter that same love for books that we have. We want to open up the world to our son through books and learning, establishing in him a sense of adventure, wonder, and joy. We chose some books from his library that are perfect for this new season of Autumn. It has been so fun reading to him – our goal is at least one book a day!

Silly Little Goose! by Nancy Tafuri: Mike came across this book on Amazon when he was looking for a gift. He ordered it and it is our favorite book to read to Peter! It is a simple story about a mother goose finding the perfect place to make a nest to give birth to her little goslings. Peter loves the contrast of the large, black font across the illustrations. It is our family favorite!

Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina: When Mike and I lived in Maryland this past year, I would constantly ask my sister to send videos and pictures of my little nephews. She sent a video of her reading this book to them, and Mike and I would watch the video over and over! They had the book memorized and would read along with my sister – it was adorable! We knew we had to get this book for Peter. Each time we read it to Peter, we cannot help but think of our family! We love this book for that reason!

I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom: This is my mother’s favorite children’s book. It was the first I purchased for Peter when I was pregnant. The illustrations are by Richard Scarry, and they are beautiful! It is a book about what a little bunny, Nicholas, does each season. I love how Peter lights up when we reach the Autumn page. I knew this book had to be included on his Autumn reading list.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney: We have been reading this book to Peter since he was born. It reminds me of when we first brought him home from the hospital in May. It is a classic father and son book, and it warms my heart thinking of the deep love Mike and Peter have for one another.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown: A cozy classic! This book was read to me when I was a baby and I have read this book to my siblings, my nephews, and the children I have babysat! It is perfect for this time of year – the words are gentle and the illustrations lull Peter right to sleep!

We love to read

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Autumn Books

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