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Cleaning Supplies

I deep clean our home every Friday morning. It takes a few hours, but investing in that time each week is the perfect way to go into the weekend. And though the house is ready to be cleaned again by Sunday night, it always feels so good to have spent the weekend focusing on one another instead of chores. I know this might not work for everyone due to schedules, work hours, family life, etc. – but it’s working for us right now!

Every other day throughout the week I do light housework: make beds, wash and fold a load or two of laundry, wash and put away dishes after every meal, sweep the kitchen and dining room, and clean Peter’s room. This allows me to focus on the areas in our house that really need to be cleaned on Friday morning.

For the past two years, we’ve slowly transitioned out of using chemicals in our home for cleaning. After a new diagnosis this summer, we only use cleaning products and supplies that are safe. I’ve been using some of these products and supplies for the past couple of years and some more recently. We’ve definitely noticed a positive difference in our overall health because of them!

Establishing a weekly cleaning routine that includes a “deep clean” day has helped me in so many ways. As I wrote earlier, our weekends are spent focusing on one another. I am able to do this throughout the week, too. Instead of worrying and wondering when I will mop the floor of the dirty entry-way, I know that it will get done on Friday. I am able to be present and focus on the person I am with or the task I am doing instead of letting my mind wander and worry about a to-do list.

I would love to hear, what is your cleaning routine like? Do you have a designated time set aside to clean? What are your favorite cleaning tools and supplies that you use?

Cleaning Tools and Supplies That We Use

  • HORSE HAIR BROOM : I had my eye on this broom for years and we invested in it last week! It is sturdy, strong, and beautiful!
  • DUSTPAN : I spent a long time looking for a dustpan that would fit the Laundress’ broom! This one works great!
  • NORWEX : These microfiber cloths are definitely our most used household cleaning supply.
  • MICROFIBER MOP : Another Norwex tool that we love!
  • THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER : The only cleaning spray that we use in our home! It smells so good!
  • GLASS AMBER SPRAY BOTTLE : This is what I put our Thieves spray in. Amber spray bottles are also good to hold any essential oil sprays you make.
  • SCRUB BRUSH : These brushes are made by hand out of oil treated birch and horsehair. Perfect for scrubbing dishes, the tub, sinks, and counters!
  • VEGETABLE SCRUB BRUSH : Great if you garden or are part of a CSA or farm share!
  • CLEANING SUPPLIES CONTAINER : I transformed this small wooden garden tote into my cleaning supplies container. I carry it from room to room as I clean.
  • VACUUM CLEANER : We got this for our wedding and love it!

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