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Mike and I are frequently asked about our favorite baby carriers. Holding Peter in a sling, wrap, or carrier is one of our favorite parts of parenthood. We want everyone to experience the same incredible benefits of baby-wearing that we have had.

Before Peter was born, both Mike and I knew we wanted to carry Peter, so we spent quite a bit of time researching different carriers. Through our research we decided to purchase a Wildbird Ring Sling, a Solly Baby Wrap, a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling, and an Ergo Baby Carrier. Each one is unique and has different aspects that we love!

Mike and I wear Peter in a carrier at least once a day. We want to share with you what we like about our four favorite carriers that we spent so much time researching, and even more time using! If you have any questions, stories, advice, or personal experiences using your favorite baby carrier – we would love to hear!

Wildbird Ring Sling
Mike: This ring sling is a well crafted, beautiful linen cloth with a solid ring that you can trust. This was our first baby sling and we love the feeling of closeness with Peter tucked just below our chins!

Claire: This will always be my favorite carrier! It is the first carrier we ever purchased and I love how close I feel to Peter when he is in it! It is light, compact, and the easiest carrier we have because it is so simple to take on and off. I love the strength and durability that linen offers – it is breathable, hypoallergenic, and beautiful! Wildbird offers new colors and designs every change of season. We own a double layer linen and a single layer linen sling ring, and so far prefer the single layer linen. There is a slight learning curve with a ring sling, but Wildbird’s website offers thorough tutorials that helped us quickly learn how to properly place Peter in and take him out of the ring sling.

Solly Baby Wrap
Mike: We have previously reviewed the Solly swaddle blankets, which are so soft. Like you wish your bed sheets were made from that material kind of soft. Who cares about Egyptian cotton? The wrap lives up to the softness hype, and it is very easy to use. The Solly feels snug and secure when carrying and it’s great to know that your baby is comfortable, too!

Claire: I loved this wrap during the newborn months! Made out of Lenzing modal, it is the softest carrier we own. Peter practically lived in this wrap the first half of his life! The two downsides are that where most carriers are safe up to around thirty-five pounds, the Solly Baby Wrap is only safe until the baby is twenty-five pounds. Secondly, we found that it took too long to put Peter in (it felt like forever when he was crying!) and it was often difficult to take him out to transition him into the crib when he fell asleep in it.

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling
Claire: I remember seeing the Sakura Bloom Silk in Pebble for the first time and thinking how elegant it was! We purchased this ring sling after discovering the incredible benefits of dupioni silk – it is supportive, breathable, waterproof, fire-resistant, lightweight… and looks good with both jeans and dresses!

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Ergo Baby Carrier
Mike: We recently purchased this carrier knowing that we are going to be more active in springtime. It is so much fun to see Peter interact with the world while he is in the front-facing position, knowing that he is locked in tight. The security and the ease on the back and body make this carrier a must have!

Claire: We love the Four Position 360 Ergo Baby Carrier for the stage Peter is in now (ten months old). He has gotten heavier and is moving constantly, so I love the support and stability that the Ergo offers. This carrier distributes Peter’s weight more evenly across my body.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby

– M & C

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