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I am a wife and mother that is passionate about sharing content that helps us each live a beautiful and virtuous life. As an etiquette instructor, I love to seek out the beautiful things that surround us. You can often find me making a meal with my husband, building LEGOs with my son, and reading a good book - all in a beautiful dress! Thank you for being a part of this community, I am so happy you are here!

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Krochet Kids intl.
Thank you Krochet Kids intl. for sponsoring this post.

Krochet Kids intl.

Promoting ethical fashion and material goods is a strong passion of ours. I love discovering ethical brands. The ethical companies that I have come across are led by driven and passionate people who sincerely care about the dignity of the human person. These men and women are leading the ethical fashion industry with a desire to change lives through fair and just employment opportunities, safe working conditions, and buyer transparency.

Krochet Kids intl. is an ethical brand committed to providing job opportunities for highly vulnerable women in need throughout the world. Each piece from Krochet Kids intl. that you purchase is hand-signed by the woman who created it. The company goal is to break the cycle of poverty through employment opportunities that allow women to provide for their families and plan for their futures.

This beautiful brand was created by three friends who knew how to crochet. After one of them spent a summer in Uganda, he returned to his two friends and felt a call. They decided to teach people in developing countries how to crochet as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty. They share that,

“It was then that we realized the simplicity of crocheting to be its most profound quality.  With hook and yarn people could make amazing products.  Being paid a fair wage to do so would allow for them, for the first time, to provide for their families and begin planning for the future.  By teaching these people to crochet, we would be empowering them to rise above poverty.  We decided right then that we were going to do exactly that.”

This story is so inspiring to me. It is beautiful that these three men took a skill they possessed and shared it with those in need. No matter how small you think your gifts and talents are, they could strongly impact someone’s life.

Krochet Kids intl. offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. I love their headwear! Two of my favorites are ‘the Brix’ (a cuffed beanie) in Heather Grey and ‘the Stevie’ (a knotted ear warmer) in White! We are slowly building an ethical wardrobe, and these two pieces from Krochet Kids make great additions for the winter months.

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl.

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