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I am a wife and mother that is passionate about sharing content that helps us each live a beautiful and virtuous life. As an etiquette instructor, I love to seek out the beautiful things that surround us. You can often find me making a meal with my husband, building LEGOs with my son, and reading a good book - all in a beautiful dress! Thank you for being a part of this community, I am so happy you are here!

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Insights on Literature, etiquette, and Beauty from a Catholic wife and mom

Thank you, Petite Fleur Earrings, for sponsoring this post!

The first conversation I had with Nina, the creator of Petite Fleur Earrings, was about Saint Joseph. We talked about Saint André Bessette, a Saint whose devotion to Saint Joseph changed the course of history. We spoke about Saint Joseph’s Holy Oil made famous through Saint André’s promotion and the miracles that occurred with its use. I truly believe Saint Joseph and Saint André Bessette brought us together and are at the center of our friendship.

Nina reached out to me and said she had created earrings in honor of Saint Joseph for the release of her Holy Spouse Collection for her shop, Petite Fleur Earrings. Both of us have consecrated ourselves to Saint Joseph and we know the joy and peace that comes with entrusting everything to the spouse of Mother Mary. Her Saint Joseph earring design is beautiful and is such a creative way to honor this great Saint.

Petite Fleur Earrings are so much more than accessories, they are a powerful way to honor the Saints. Each earring tells a story that draws you closer to Christ, through its beauty and through the symbolism Nina has incorporated into every design. Petite Fleur Earrings’ shop motto is, “May you be who God created you to be.” Each of her designs are unique, with a captivating story, inspiring us to do the same with our own lives.

I love every single design in the Petite Fleur Earrings shop. The beauty and stories found on her site truly consume you and make you, in turn, want to spread beauty! I am always wearing the The Francesca Earrings that Nina made in honor of Saint Francis and was overjoyed when she sent me more earrings from her shop! In these pictures (from top to bottom) I’m wearing the Saint Joseph Earrings, The Fatima Earrings, The Monica Earrings, and The Athena Earrings!

Today, on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Nina is releasing her Holy Spouse Collection! Be sure to check out her new releases and restocks on her site, Petite Fleur Earrings. And make sure to enter our Instagram Giveaway! There will be three different winners! The first prize is a $25 gift card to Petite Fleur Earrings shop, private access to all earrings ever created, and the chance to work with Nina to create an earring design named after you and/or a favorite Saint!  The second winner will receive the prize  of a $25 gift card and private access to all earrings ever created. The third prize is a $25 gift card to Nina’s shop! Click HERE to enter!

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