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I am a wife and mother that is passionate about sharing content that helps us each live a beautiful and virtuous life. As an etiquette instructor, I love to seek out the beautiful things that surround us. You can often find me making a meal with my husband, building LEGOs with my son, and reading a good book - all in a beautiful dress! Thank you for being a part of this community, I am so happy you are here!

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Couche Christmas

“It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you.”
– Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Advent is here! We are so excited to delve deep into this new Liturgical Year. During this month of December we are continuing to pray the Saint Andrew Novena, a favorite prayer of ours that we have been praying together since before we began dating. It is such a powerful prayer! We will also be fasting from Instagram each Friday of Advent for a specific intention that some of you have sent to us. We will share the intention each Thursday on our Instagram story so that those who want to join in the fast and intercession can!

We are hosting a caroling party this month (Clairoling, to be exact)! It is so fun party planning, especially a Christmas party! This past weekend we went to get our Christmas tree and we cannot wait to decorate it this afternoon. Peter is so cute with the tree! We were laughing this morning because he was “cleaning it” with some wipes and trying to put some tiny branches that had fallen down back onto the tree! He’s adorable!

It is such a gift having a little eighteen month old during this beautiful season! Peter is a joy, and his innocence, love, and excitement radiates through our entire home and warms our hearts. Each week leading up to Christmas, we want to work with him on a little project to help him the story of Christ’s birth. We would love to hear any ideas you may have!

Just like last year, most of our gifts will be homemade. When you make a gift for someone it allows you to take the time to contemplate the recipient in a deep way as you prepare and perfect whatever it is you are making. Homemade gifts are truly one of my favorite things to receive, and to make! It also gives Mike and I a chance to work together and be creative together. If you are looking for some ideas for homemade gifts, these are the two we did last year: Homemade Beeswax Candles and Peter’s Pasta.

We hope your December, Advent, and Christmas is blessed and beautiful!

December 2017 Family Goals
– decorate our home and Christmas Tree
– continue with my weekly workout (Claire)
– fast from Instagram every Friday of Advent
– plan and decorate for our Clairoling Party
– work each week with Peter celebrating the story of Christmas
– plan our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus
– make these Butterscotch-Glazed Cinnamon Rolls
– prepare our Christmas gifts
– make Blessing Bags for the homeless with our young adult group
– continue our Saint Andrew Novena

Couche Christmas

Couche Christmas

Couche Christmas

Couche Christmas

Couche Christmas

– M & C

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