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I am passionate about empowering you with etiquette knowledge that nurtures the growth of virtue, confidence, and charisma. Through sharing my experiences, whether it’s the books I immerse myself in, the beauty I surround myself with, or the delightful moments I cherish within my vocation of marriage and motherhood, I aim to inspire you to embrace an abundant and joyful life. 

Each connection I make from within Finding Philothea sparks motivation within me, and I am committed to fostering that same sense of connection and inspiration for you. I look forward to navigating the realms of elegance and refinement, as I equip you to lead a life brimming with grace, joy, confidence, and beauty. 

I’m Claire!

wife, mother, registered nurse, content creator,  & etiquette instructor

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Cultivate grace and confidence in your interactions.

Drawing upon everything I have learned, experienced, and lived, I have discovered a profound need for us all to recognize our inherent dignity, our true selves. Etiquette is an integral part of this pursuit.

My goal as your etiquette instructor is to instill in you the the importance of your own dignity, the dignity of the people you interact with, and the confidence in those interactions.

Etiquette allows us to have the freedom to gift others with our presence and to be fully present to each person we encounter, and every situation we are in. 

Nurturing Dignity & Virtue through Etiquette

Radiating Joy, Beauty, & Elegance

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